Sunday, May 27, 2012


One Year Ago Today we moved from our sweet 'first home' tailor (pictured above) to New Orleans.

Can you believe how fast this past year has gone??

Looking back I was scared to leave this place. I was so worried about NOLA and what changes were going to be happening to our lives.

Now... I am happy as can be.
God has given us BIG plans here,
and recently (in the past week)
very exciting news has come along.

It seems like we have been here for more than 1 year to me.
With all the new friends, new jobs, new experiences that have taken place,
we have a whole stockpile of memories made.

This past year I have missed my family.
I miss having them just right down the road,
and I have realized how much I took that for granted when we did live close.

I hate missing out on things that are happening back at home.
Sweet friends weddings, new babies, and loosing touch.

I have come to know that life as a preacher's wife is going to mean that I will come In and Out of contact with lots of people through the years. 

I have learned through this past year to love NOLA. In the beginning it was hard. A lot of adjustments,
but now, I am proud to say I live here.

On Tuesday we are going back 'home' to GA. Ready to see love ones and to have a little VACA time:) 

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