Saturday, May 26, 2012

Out With A Bang

Yep... the picture above is of a broken door.

Can you guess who broke is?

Ding, Ding, Your CORRECT! 
It was me:)

This past Wednesday was the last day of school for students.

I had carpool duty and as soon as the kiddoes were all gone I went threw this door to start on packing up my classroom.

As I opened it like normal,
it broke,
and ALMOST hit me right on the head!

I screamed, did a lighting fast ninja Karate move to get out of the way,

and then stood in disbelief.

Did that really just happen?
I mean really, I just broke the door!

I ran up to the office and told them about what happened.

Luckily for our school, we have cameras and everyone in the office was capable of watching the whole thing on recorded tape! 
My reaction after it happened was priceless! You could see my face, with my mouth hanging open, and my hands going all over the place. 

Thank goodness there was no sound, cause there is no telling what was coming out of my mouth while I was screaming!!

Thank Goodness it happened on the Last Day of school!

Thank Goodness it happened to me and not to a student!

Thank Goodness that this heavy glass door didn't hit me on the head!

Yes, that's how I like to end the school year. With a BIG bang!

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