Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 Days

Welp... my school year is coming to an end.

ONLY 5 days!

I remember being excited as a kid for the summer.
I couldn't wait to get to sleep in and spend all day at our neighborhood pool.

Now that I'm a teacher, I realize JUST how much all of my past teachers were ready for summer!

Man you think the kids are ready,

but the teachers get summer-itus REALLLL bad!!

Today during my break I started pulling down a couple of things off my walls. 

I took down student work that needs to go home and a couple of posters that I made that I want to laminate with the schools machine to get to save for next year.

Just by taking down those few items from the walls,
made the whole room look different to me.

Only a couple of my kiddoes noticed, but to me....

it sparked a FIRE! I can't wait to take down everything and organize all my mess.

I can't wait to look through my file cabinet and throw away unwanted papers.

I can't wait to put in my lasts grades online,

AND I can't wait for summer!!

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