Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cray Cray

So most EVERYONE knows how baby crazy I am.

I have been this way for a long time.

I have always LOVED children,
my favorite part of working in a Daycare for 5 years was getting to rock the sweet babies to sleep,
feeding them bottles, and I admit that I didn't mind too bad changing 30 plus diapers a day:)

Hmm.... other favorites included skipping around with the 2 year olds playing babies,
running in the field (playground area) and trying to keep up with little 3 year old legs,
and teaching the 4 year olds nursery rhyme songs while acting like a 4 year old myself!!

I admit I loved everything about working with all those precious children, and have MANY favorites.

One day after school at work this past week, 
the faculty threw a surprise baby shower for 2 laddies that are expecting this summer.

I stayed after to help clean up and my boss, the elementary principal,
came over to me and whispered,
"Megan, hold out your hand."

Hey... she's my boss and I love this woman, and would honestly do anything for her,
so I didn't object.

She slipped this sweet bracelet over my fingers,
and with a wink replied
"for good luck!"

My chin hit the floor and I replied,

"Oh No! This would be for bad luck! I can't CAN'T have a baby in NOLA:)"

Her response as she walked away was a laugh and,
"Well you never know!"

Can you see how baby cray cray I am! Even my boss knows it!

haha... I wore the bracelet all the way home and showed Chris.

I was surprised when he didn't initially snatch it up off my wrist.

His response,
"Oh we'll have a baby one day. In God's time."

Ok.... now so my prayer is this..

"God.... can we somehow speed up your time? 
I know you have BIGGER plans for me,
and I imagine Chris and my sweet grandparents playing with our children right now in heaven,
but.... I want them too..."

Will I ever get to have a baby??

His response, along with a deep roaring laugh,

"My sweet child, don't you see?
My plan is BETTER than you can even imagine."

Then with a wink,

"Trust me... It will be worth the wait." 

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