Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birthday Boy

This past week somebody had a birthday!

Let me give you some hints:

- he is sweet as pie
-cute as a button
- incredibly handsome
- stupidly smart
- laugh my socks of funny

- one more thing, he's mine:)

Chris is officially 25. 

Him being 25 makes both of us feel so old!
We had planned that when he was 25 we would be settled, have our own home, both have jobs in our fields, AND have children.

But.. God has bigger and better plans for us,
and right now
we are exactly where he wants us to be at 25.

Today we celebrated his birthday.

He was desperately wanting to see the Avengers movie,
and it was pretty awesome! 
We both really liked all the action and fighting scenes in it.

Then we went and ate Canes, 
which is a New Orleans version of Zaxby's for my GA peeps,

and settled down on the sofa for an afternoon of watching golf:)

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