Sunday, May 6, 2012


Saturday I went to the zoo with this little guy!

Isn't he a cutie!!

His name is Rome and the sweet gal on the left is Charisse.

Charisse, Rome, me, and Romes momma, Laurie, all went to the Audubon zoo!

We had a blast looking at the giraffes, monkeys, and turtles:)

But the best part was the zoo's water park.

Now,  Charisse and I just love this little boy and we couldn't let him play without some friends,
so we jumped in there with him in our clothes and all!!

I think we had more fun than him!!

I am gonna miss little Rome, Laurie, and Josh,
they are the sweetest little family
and are moving to Idaho very soon!

The hard part about seminary is making friends from all over the country,
and then having to watch them move away!

Charisse and her husband Preston are also moving very soon!

Wishing these sweet friends happiness in their new travels and that they always remember their NOBTS 'family.'

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