Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time Well Spent

This last weekend my sweet parents came for a visit! Chris and I always love it when family comes because it gives us an excuse to get to go exploring the city.

We starting off eating at the cutest little hole in the wall restaurant.
I learned about it from watching the news one morning and they said it was a place that locals eat, so I just knew we had to eat there.

We all ordered the same thing, crab cake eggs benedict. (above picture)
I have never eaten eggs benedict before and it was quite and experience!
It was good, in a different kind of way, and I ate all mine up!

Chris didn't like the eggs, because they were poached and really runny, so he just ate everything else!

Overall Panola St. Cafe is definitely a place Chris and I will be going back too!
They had a lot of good lookin' food on their menu:) 

Then we loaded up for a walking tour of the St. Louis Cemetery! 

It is the oldest cemetery in NOLA and I got a deal on this tour from a Groupon!
Groupons are online coupon deals, and we got this tour for more than half off the original price!

The voodoo queen, Marie Laveau's, grave is pictured below.

It was neat hearing about how the city buries all these people. 
In some tombs there are hundreds of people buried!

They just brush the 'ash' from the deceased person to the back and throw the next body in!

Totally gross, but really neat at the same time.

Nicolas Cage's Pyramid Tomb is pictured below. It is crazy how much he spent on this thing!

Some of them were in really bad shape and were cracked! I couldn't help but look inside some of them!

Had a blast with my folks and didn't want them too leave!!

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