Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2 Years

Yesterday was our 2 year Wedding Anniversary.

Looking back at all the experiences we have had in the past 2 years kind of makes it feel like our wedding was forever ago.When we got married I knew we were going to go to Seminary, but originally Chris wanted to go to one in North Carolina, and that was back when I had no real idea NOLA was in our future. I was a going into my senior year of college, and it was the perfect timing for us.

I remember when we got married some of my college buddies thought that it was crazy to get married right before our senior year in North Georgia's hectic teacher program. But to myself, I knew that for us it was the perfect timing, because in one year we were going to be moving off and I didn't exactly know where we would be moving off too!

I love being married to this man. Chris has a very gentle spirit. He is very caring and thoughtful. He doesn't always show his love with flowers or roses or in BIG elaborate ways, but this gal doesn't need all the showy ways of affection to know my man loves me. 

In private when it is just me and him, Chris is a whole different kind of person than he is with others around. He gets confident and dramatic. He is so silly, and have I ever written on here about how he can contort his facial features into millions of different expressions??!! He loves playing pranks on me and I admit I too love the constant teasing:) Every once in a while I will see Chris's private personality come out with others around, and normally when this happens, they just look in shock because they can't believe that whatever he did just came from him. 

Chris when God made you, he must have been thinking about me.
(one of our wedding songs:)
I am beyond blessed to have you as my husband. 
May we have many more  Anniversary's blessed with good health, happy families, and God as our center. 

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