Sunday, June 10, 2012

Monday Blues

One of the major benefits of being a teacher is having summers off.

You also get various fabulous breaks for the major holidays,
but having summer off totally takes the cake.

Unfortunately, since I was 16 I have not had a summer off.
I have regretted working many summers.

I always wanted to get to stay at the campground and float all day with friends when I was a teenager and in college I wanted to do nothing but sleep in in the morning:) I hated having to leave all the fun stuff early because I had to go to work. 

Now I am a teacher, and I still not getting to enjoy the summer off:(
boohhh hooo...

Totally having a pitty party right now

I agreed to work at my old school's summer camp to earn some extra change,
now I am major regretting it!

I work the same hours as a normal school day and it really is not all that bad.
Everyday the kids have arts and crafts, wii video games, table toys, small gym, big gym, small playground, big playground, and various other activities planned.

Having all the activities really makes the day go by fast,
but I guess I just have the Monday blues tonight.

Do you ever get the Monday blues on Sunday nights?

Monday blues need to go away! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with the sweet kiddies and in the end it will have been totally worth it. Ready for Monday to be over with all ready. 

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