Sunday, June 24, 2012


Last night Chris and I went over to City Park just to 'chill out.'
I packed my GA bulldog blanket. 
( totally not thinking, we are in the land of LSU tigers DIE hard fans)

and Chris packed his fishing pole.

City Park is kind of odd to me. It is a BIG, I mean HUGE, area of nothing but gorgeous trees, grass, creeks, ponds, and bugs:)

It just seams strange to me that there is an area in this City that is so Big and so undeveloped.

We parked the truck and got to walkin through the high grass. We passed a weird man just kinda sitting by the bank of some pond all by himself, and just kept going.

We both have learned that no matter where you go here, you WILL find some kind of creepy crawly person,
we just look the other way and keep walking,
checking our backs every once in a while to make sure were not being followed:)

We found a really cute spot:)

Chris got out his pole and went to town.
Scouring the bank to find a good spot.

His fishing endeavors only lasted about 10 min, he said he'd rather lay on the blankie with me instead of fish.
(now that's a first I've ever heard)

We just kind of laid there.
I finished a book and Chris kept poking ants.

It was nice.

On the way out of our little spot,
he noticed my head band.

Took him all of 2 hours to finally notice I had a flower in my hair, such a man.

All the way home my sweet boy teased me about the 'fancy doo dad' I had in my hair.
It was nice, we laughed and joked.

A perfect Saturday night.

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