Monday, June 25, 2012


Today I got to go inside and poke around my new classroom:)

I had to wait a week until they were finished with the floors in my section of the building before I could get in.
I had fun poking around and sorting out all the materials.

I got to go in my room once before when the principal was showing me around the school,
but keep in mind that this is the first time I have gotten to go in to do any work.
Everything was just as the last teacher had left it.

And MAN were the back shelf and closet a MESS!!

I love that my room has a closet, 2 nice black book shelves, mini cubby slots, a closet on wheels,
and 5 computers in the back!!

Look at all those AMAZING manipulatives and materials on those shelves!

Another shot of the student cubbies:) Since there is no place for students to put their book bags I am assuming they put them in these little squares? They don't seem big enough for giant 4th grader bookbags, so I will have to wait until school starts to see what the other teachers do about their students book bags. 
Right now my student text books are scattered in them:)

LURVE the promethean board! This is a little different from the Smart Board I was working with in my old school and definitively different than the  promethean  boards from Forsyth County where I did my student teaching. Can't wait to get issued my teacher laptop and go to town on this thing! 

My LOVELY closet! This is a picture of before I had done anything. The other teacher had stuff literally thrown in here!

Today I went threw everything on the shelves and in the closet!
At one point it looked like a whole mess in the back of my clean room,
I took stuff down and made it into math, science, reading, social studies, and language piles.

This is a picture of my back shelves after I sorted everything and then put it all back on the shelves! It is amazing how a little organization can change the look.

Look at my closet after I sorted the materials. I can actually see the floor in here now! 

I spent 5 hours up at school and was able to get all this done!
A BIG, MEGA, shout out to my sweet friend Delanie for giving me the FREE big red shopping cart baskets! I just used the ones that I had left in my car today and can't wait to bring the rest of them to make my back shelves look even more organized!

I wonder if yall can tell I am excited?

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