Friday, July 20, 2012

Beach Times

So I am loving these whole PhotoStory things!
Takes me all of 5 min to make a blog post,
plus I personally had soooo much rather look at pictures then read a  bunch of words! 

Ahh... makes me ready for Christmas and my new camera I'm going to be getting.
(wink wink Santa Clause)

Here's the next PhotoStory of our fabulous time on Vaca.

 Paula showed me this in a beach shop and I thought that it suited us perfectly. 

At the dog track.

Chris and Gary get sooooo into it.
They have it down to a system on the dogs they think will win.
Almost like an algebra equation.

Multiply this dog's speed by two, then divide by its weight. Carry the remainder and subtract by its ratio of wins by losses. Then hope for a miracle and that's your winner:)

I got a little board while the menfolk were having their fun!

 And yepp.. I was the only one who walked away with any money. 
I made one bet and won 26 smackeroos!

Chris was so excited! 

 I love me some photoshop! 
I believe I can make just about anyone beautiful with it. 

Putt Putt around here ain't no child's game.
We take it seriously.

Christi got several holes in one and us gals made sure to rub it in those stinky boys faces. 

Love me this chicka!
She is such a nut and so much fun to be around! 

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