Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Double the Trouble

When I first came into Chris's family,

(when I was 15! Wowwza! Can't believe my daddy let me out when I was still a baby)

there was already a Megan.

The beautiful girl sitting beside me in this way over sized chair name is also Megan.

For me growing up there was always someone else named Megan around.
Just in elementary grades 2,3,4, and 6 I had classes with several different girls named Megan.
Also at my church there were MANY different Megans, in fact at one time we had 5 girls named Megan!
Just in our little church! 

Since always being around so many people with my same name,
I have vowed that when I had kiddoes of my own that I won't name them something that is common.
I LURVE names Carder and Grayson for boys 
and my girl names are always changing!
(Note: other family members please don't steal my precious baby boy names!)

Anyways I am proud to share the same name with this Megan.
She is MY cousin and I would do anything for this chicka!

I can't believe how fast she is growing up too.
Meg I remember when you were but a tiny thing, running around and wrestling with the boys. When Chris and I first started dating I remember playing with you and you telling me that I was weird that I had your same name:)

I also remember how even though you were so little, you talked like an adult.
You always sounded so grown up, and so smart!

Even today I love listening to you come up with fast witty comebacks to Chris's never ending teasing.

You are such a beautiful child of God on both the inside and out.

I love how when you are around nobody can eat without saying the blessing,
you kindness toward others,
the way you talk and reason hard life questions with such simple answers,
your great common sense,
your AMAZINGLY beautiful smile,
your humorous jokes,
your fast teasing of Chris, Alex, Brandon, and Blake,
your tomboyish ways,
your proud love for your family,

 and how when you laugh your smile gets real big and your eyes light right up!

I had so much fun getting to spend some girls shopping time just me and you yesterday.
You have no idea how much I enjoyed getting to have you all to myself and not having to share you with any of the boys around.

We talked about middle school, shopping, clothes, boys, family, and our future of us going on many more girl outings.

Except next time we want Ashley to get to come with us:)

(Ashley we missed you desperately this beach trip!)

We had fun being silly and looking at all the ridiculous stuff they sell in beach shops.

When we are together we are just DOUBLE the Trouble! 

(just a inside joke between me and Meg: Don't forget about us getting told to Shh by some random people for being too loud, and WHAT we were laughing at:)

Meg, Paula, and Tony left the beach this morning to go back home and Chris and I already miss them.
We are having fun at the beach, but it just ain't the same with out Alex, Ashley, Brandino, Meg, and Blakie here with us! 

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