Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Last Weekend

So I have been wanting to do this for along time.
This blog post is all about pictures,
and it is called a PhotoStory:)

Instead of reading my writing go on and on about what we did this past weekend,
just look at the pics and piece it all together.

To start off the story we decided to head to Georgia for a quick couple of days before heading to vacation at the beach.
The catch.....

we didn't tell anyone we were coming to Georgia.

We made a surprise visit.
I loved watching and listening to some of our families reactions as we walked in their houses! 

 Friday morning
NOLA time:)

Burning rubber on the interstate

When you wake up that early.

This is the kind of picture you get from me when it is before 6.

About half way there Chris let me drive for for a couple of hours:)
Made me a happy gal

This is the first sign that says Atlanta on the way from New Orleans.
When I see this sign, I know we are getting close! 

Chris took this picture.
It was supposed to be of the Georgia State sign,
instead Chris took a picture of the Georgia Rest Stop.

 Our first stop was to surprise my sweet daddy at work! 

Then later Friday night we stopped by our old stomping grounds at church for a revival night service.

Saturday we made sure to spend a little time with these knuckle heads.

Blake drove me around on this bad boy. 

I miss sitting under this tree and looking at papa's barn.

 Their garden:)
 Chris is so much like his papa:) Love to just sit and listen as they talk. 
Sunday we were back in the car again for another long drive. 

 Beach Bound! 

A car trip with Gary is not complete without some walkie talkies! 
 Tradition: we had to stop here. 
Sunday Afternoon, look where we wound up! 

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