Thursday, July 12, 2012


Oh touche, touche Nicholas Sparks!

You have yet again sucked me into one of your famously amazing books this summer.

It never fails. I am such a sucker for his southern romance writings. 

I remember when I was a teenager reading "The Notebook."
The first Nicky book I had ever read.
( I can call him Nicky because we are just that close )
I got so into it and then...




in the last 15 pages the whole tone of the book changed
and I was left boohooing into my pillow that night.

I remember going to tell my mom about the ending, still crying and all upset. She laughed and told me to stop reading his books if they make me cry.

You woulda thunk a girl would learn.

But no, nooooooooo
I guess I don't catch on quick.
I have read every single one of his twisted creations.

All his books are the same.
Right when you are getting sucked into the character, setting, and plot,
devastation strikes and the tears start pouring.

See now in case you haven't gotten it yet,
 me and Nicky aren't friends.
We have a love/ hate relationship.

As of right now since I just finished his latest book,
I don't like him anymore,
I don't like his stupid books, 
and I don't want to watch any of his stinkin' movie adaptations on tv.

It's an ongoing circle.

Right when I finish a book I hate him because I'm all sad and crying. 
Then time goes on and I forget about how sad I was after finishing his last book I read,
 and I get excited to read his next book. Then I read it and when I finish the new book, I hate him all over again.

So yesterday I went off to the public library, checking out some books for my up coming 4th grade class. Trying to get a head start on planning and such.

My feet start moving over to the 'S' section of the books separated by authors last name.
I don't know why I am over there but curiosity got the best of me.
I find ol' Nicks books just fine. 
I look over the familiar titles.

And lo and behold, I find one I haven't read yet.
One book I haven't even heard off.

Hum.. "The Best of Me"
it sounds nice enough with a little picture of a country front porch on the cover.

(by the way... ALMOST all of his books have a picture of a country front pouch on the cover)

Beep... it gets checked out.
and here I am. 
Writing about his stinking books.

Oh Nicky please forgive me, I lurve your books and hate them at the same time! I don't like crying at the sappy endings!
Chances are, next summer, when I'm sure you will have yet another new book out, I will be reading that one too:)

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  1. One time i listened to his audiobook of "Dear John" at work. I was literally sitting at mydesk with tears streaming down my face....sobbing! My coworker askes me if i was ok so i pointed to the cover of the book. She nodded she understood completely!:)