Sunday, July 1, 2012

Grossed Out


If you have a quick gag reflex, nauseousness, a phobia of yuckie things, easily grossed out, have ever found hair in your food/ clothing/ washer/ vacuum, are currently woozie,  this POST IS NOT FOR YOU.

I repeat, this post is not for you, and please stop reading now.

Don't say you haven't been warned.

(My sweet friend Amanda, not sure if you read all my blog posts, but please stop reading now. I know how you REALLY hate finding hair on anything)

And so the story begins....

Last weekend I was cleaning our apartment.
The kinda clean where you whip out the old bleach stained tshirt and shorts, throw your hair up in a totally embarrassing high pony tail, and pray that no neighbors knock on your door because they WILL be getting sprayed with clorox.

Our apartment was bad, real bad. Dust and grime were on every surface.

I blame Chris. It is all his fault. Since of course perfect me never makes any messes:)

(in all actually I am usually at fault for most messes)

I was winding down, had scrubbed the bathroom till I had no more elbow grease in me, tore through the living room with dust spray shootin every which direction, and our bedroom sheets were perfectly washed and on the bed with out a wrinkle to be seen. 

All I had left to do was vacuum the floors. 
I was tired, sweaty, and burnt out.
A flicker of a thought went threw my head,
I'm just wait to vacuum tomorrow, I've done so much today, it can wait.

But I decided I'd rather be done cleaning today and got out the vacuum.

At first it was sucking up fine, didn't notice anything was wrong.

Then, while skirting across the rug in our bedroom I noticed that it wasn't sucking up anything anymore.

I immediately unplugged the bad boy and looked under neath.


Wait.... ANOTHER LOUD GASP.........

followed by a screeching.... EWWWWW!!!!!

Chris came running to see what was wrong with me.
I'm sure the neighbors below us thought! UGH... finally shes done stomping around up there!

This is what we found...............

It was nasty and had a life of its own. I swear I saw 2 eyes and a heart beat on this monster.

Wrapped around the roller of the vacuum was 2 YEARS worth of my hair.
It was not soft, freshly washed hair,
it was dry, cracked, decaying HAIR!!


Chris had to get out the screw driver and totally take apart the lower half of our vacuum.

I was given the job of pulling out all the NASTY hair.
Hey... it is my hair after all.

Isn't that disgusting!!

I felt bad for our vacuum. ALL of this gunk was wrapped around its roller. 

I guess it doesn't like hair.

Chris was a little worried. He thought that maybe I was going bald, cause it is a LOT of hair.
But.. I don't think I'm going to be hairless any time soon. The shower is not stopped up and I never see any of my hair anywhere except the area where I blow dry at.

I just have weak, puny, brittle, and easily broken hair.
And after 2 years, my vacuum couldn't take any more.

Yes I after the mess all this hair made, I had to RE clean my kitchen and bedroom:) 

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