Saturday, August 25, 2012


Thank you pintrest for being a great source of laughter for me lately. 
I have been seeing numerous friends pin these and I just had to share!

This one is soooo true!!

I really do just have a BIGGGG pile of paper work like that all over my desk right now!
IT's ridiculous! 

I totally had this happen on one of my tests on Friday.

No I did NOT make up that test, but I still had to give it.

Poor kids! haha

I would have also LOVED a class on how to work the copier! 
I constantly am messing it up.
I guarantee it would have been more useful then all those bogus EDU classes I had to take! 

Yea.... I actually do try to play as much as I can in class. School can be boring for teachers too!
So I try to make lessons as interactive as possible. 

Hahahah..... I just snorted...

Oh goodness, don't let one of my 4th graders read this one. I'm sure they would love to snap back with that smart comment.

HAHAHAHAH!!!!!! yea, so true! teachers make next to nothing! 
and working only 8 hours days! forget that! More like 10 to 12 hour days! 

and I just had to leave with a 'hey girl'

the words are tiny but it says:

Hey girl,
           That parent interaction was more difficult than it had to be. You kept cool under pressure. I'm really proud of you.

Oh goodness, I love 'hey girl' humor!
I guess it is just a pintrest thing.

Hope I was able to make some of you smile:)

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