Saturday, August 18, 2012

Needing a.... big butt:)

With the weather here lately I have been thinking about how I need to get me a big butt to take to and from work.

I just love the movie "Finding Nemo" and when I am talking about needing a big butt, I am referring to the part of the movie where the little fishies call the boat a big butt:)

Chris and I have been making butt jokes all week off of this. 

That there is NOT a river, the Mississippi is a ways to the left of this picture, 
THIS is actually a road.

Flood Advisories need to be taken seriously down here!

I was stopped in traffic coming off of a bridge on my way from work Thursday this past week.

People were driving really slow going down the river...

wait I mean going down the road.

(if you look closely in this picture you can see that the flooded road doesn't stop the homeless to come out and beg for money. There is a guy in a white hat and black sweatshirt still braving the weather.) 

The worst part about my drive home this day, was that these pictures were NOT even where the water was the highest.

While I was driving there were numerous pockets where the water level was completely over the curb, covering the median, where just the tips of the grass blades on the median of the road were sticking out.

No I didn't take any pictures then,
I was trying to concentrate on my driving,

or I should say my hydroplaning skills. I only took these pictures at this point because I was sitting dead still in traffic. 

At one point, I even called Chris letting him know that I might not make it home.
There were LOTs of people in the cars pulled over in spots where the water wasn't reaching trying to wait it out.

I was one of the few idiots actually trying to dive through the mess.

Thank goodness my tires only skipped once! 

I made it home, and vowed to never go this way from work when it is raining again! 

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