Monday, September 17, 2012

Hair Woes

So the other day I went and got my hairs did.

My original hair appointment was 
with my girl Mindy, 
who cuts at a great salon in Metairie and also gives me a killer deal on the price, 
during the week hurricane Isaac hit.

Well... Just THANK you Isaac, thank yooouuuu...

cause of course that appointment was cancelled,
and sweet Mindy is all booked up through October and poor thing is pregnant and couldn't fit me in her extremely packed schedule of having to make up everyone elses hair appointments that got cancelled. 

So eventually I was able to work with Mindy and her great salon to get me another appointment with a different hair stylist for last Saturday.

I was a little nervous.

See men just don't understand.
It is hard to find a good hair dresser that you trust to cut and color your hair they way you want it.

And I felt like I was cheating on Mindy.

Girls are finicky
(yes finicky is a word and it is 
spelled correct mother)
about their hair.

Cause if your hair just don't look right,
then your whole attitude of the day just shot right outta the park.

I'm pretty low key about my hair.
I mean just look at me on any normal day.
Usually hair is pulled up in a pony with bangs bobby pined back,
or half up half down,
or just down rockin' the afro.

so me and this girl were chatting away about her new boyfriend,
and how her home got a little damage during the storm,
and how the salon has been busy,
and how I am a teacher,
and how men somehow always find a way to smell funny,
and how we want to have babbies one day
and... well you get the point,
girls and their hairdressers will just chit chat the day away.

When all of a sudden,
the thinning sheers came out 
and the sweet girl turned into Edward Scissor Hands.

She was just a jerking, grabbing hair, and cutting out gobs.

I had NEVER had thinning sheers done on me before.

Thinning Sheers are special scissors that only cut like every third hair so to reduce the bulky wight of your hair.

Well I have kind of thin hair, so I WELCOME bulk.
I want my hair to be thicker.


SO now I am left with the thinnest hair I have ever possibley seen. It just lays there all stingy and flat. 

I tried pulling my hair up in a pony today and only 5 little hairs went though the elastic.
Its going to take MONTHS for me to grow back out those little hairs.

But mamma be'd proud!
NO I did NOT cry.

Cause mess'd up hair is not worth crying about.

I have only ever cried about my hair once in my life and that was when I was in middle school.

Now I am a big girl,
so even though my eyes 'might' have watered.
I sucked it up,
and told myself

I'm GONNA rock this!

and thank Goodness God lets hair grow back!

(me with my poor thin hair. Just look at those lifeless ends and how it sticks straight to my head)

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