Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Chris and I have a problem.
A major problem.

We are addicts.

Serious addicts.

This goes up there among the list of crack, cocaine, alcohol, and ecstasy.

Jack Bauer, we adhere to your guidelines, 
and recently our lives have been given over.

Yes this is a television show, and it came on years ago.

It portrays a man who is working for a branch of the government that is against terrorism.

Ummm Yeeeaaa,

so it's one of those shows where the main character, Jack,

will have multiple knife stab wounds,
shot in the thigh,
several broken ribs,
check cut from a grazed bullet

still be running around chasing after those bad mens never missing a shot.

It is corny but so addicting,
and there are 8 seasons in all.


We just finished up season 2, so we still have a LONG way to go.

Each season has 24 episodes, going through the 24 hours in one day.

Get the name

So we have been through 48 episodes so far,

and still have a whopping 144 episodes to go.

Yepp... stuff just got serious:)

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