Sunday, September 23, 2012


Don't tell me Christians don't know how to jam,
and that we are only good for those slow old- timer gospels.

I LOVE the old red back hymns,
but sometimes when I am cruising in downtown NOLA I need something with a little more beat,

and the slow drawn out lyrics of
'precious Jesus hold my hand',
just aint gonna cut it.

Admit it,
most of the people I know who are Christians, don't actually listen to Christian music in the car.

Their stations are turned on Country or Pop,
so they themselves can get a little bit more temp instead of those oldie songs.

Have you ever listened to the WORDS
in some of those songs?? 

Trying to stick to my theme verse right now:
are you loving the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength?

Now, I am a BIG, HUGE, MAJOR
country fan,
but I made the switch of trying to listen to Christian music in the car back when I was in college. I still listen to country every now and then,
but primarily my radio is tuned into gospel.

Listening to Christian music in the car really makes a difference.
When I am driving alone, I am able to belt out my praises, without being ashamed of others hearing me. Cause even if those cars riding along beside me do happen to hear a beat of what I'm singing, maybe it will encourage them too to get some happiness that morning by switching stations. 

Thanks Toby Mac,
(or ya know, if your in with him like I am),

Thanks Toby 
for giving us this song, so I can sing my praises and still be jammin'.

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