Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Wannabe

Fall Weekend...

well I guess you can call it fall here.

Chris and I are desperate for fall
and miss the beautiful weather in those GA mountains during this time of the year.

Fall in NOLA is just a tease.

Yesterday I think the temperatures were in the mid 80's but you still have to remember 
that heat index, so I have no idea what the "feels like" temp was.

Plus we have no leaf changes here.
everything just stays green.

Even the grass, it just stays the same green.

No oranges, reds, or yellow:(

If your gonna wear a cute scarf
you have to pair it with a tank top to keep from sweating to death in the humidity.

So Chris and I spent some us time just exploring on our Fall Wannabe weekend.

We started off by eating some delicious sushi.

We ordered three rolls.

In order from left to right they are
Special Crunchy Roll, Blue Crab roll, and Spicy California Roll.

Chris and I don't really eat any of the raw stuff. All of the stuff above is cooked. 

My favorite is the Special Crunchy Roll because it has yum yum sauce on top.
I tell ya' you can put yum yum sauce on anything and make it taste good.

We ordered way to much and stuffed our bellies full, even leaving three pieces on the plate cause we just couldn't shove down anymore.

Then we drove down Magazine Street. Having a blast at just people watching.
The weather was beautiful and there was a slight breeze in the air,
so EVERYONE and their brother was out and about.

I have always wanted to go inside the Magazine Antique Mall
but the few times we have been buy it has always been closed.
I was excited to find it open so Chris and I spent a while in here.

We had fun poking jokes at all the crazy stuff NOLA finds antique.

We found a crazy $1,000 dollar lamp that I touched before I knew it cost that much,
lots of real fur coats
(seriously who would buy a fur coat here. It will NEVER get cold enough to wear it),
tons of old beer bottles,
and lots of ugly little figurines.

The store was packed with goofy knick knacks and it was neat walking through making fun of the stuff.

Then Sunday I set my sights on making these bad boys.

Yes Sir...they are pumpkin muffins with a yummy cream cheese filling.

Of course they were a little complicated to make,
I had to freeze the filling for a couple of hours and then cut it up,
then mix the batter just so,
then layer the ingredients in the muffin pan,

but we enjoyed making them,
and of course eating them.

This sounds totally weird,
but sometimes dirtying everything in the kitchen and spending 2 hours to make muffins can actually be fun:)

Here's what ours turned out to look like.

Totally not as pretty as the picture,
but they still were the bomb. And the filling on the inside is yummy yummy.

Here's the link we used to make the muffins:

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