Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free Stuff

This past week I had a blast getting to spend some free money on some random stuff for my classroom.

Yes I am a teacher.
Yes I LURVE school supplies.

And I was able to spend $293.51!

Yea for

Anyways our school gets some kind of grant money from the government and it is divided among the teachers.

There are some catches though.
We can order from only 3 websites
and we can only order consumable materials.

For example:
You can order staples because you use the actual staples,
but you can not order a stapler because you can not use up a stapler.

I ordered all kinds of stuff.
Construction paper, several 3 lb. bags of CANDY, poster boards, the mega pack of post it notes, folders, trifolds, manila folders, 
and the list goes on and on.

OH also how could I forget my ONE highlighter that I bought.

I was determined to use up all of my $293.51
and when I only had $1.80 left I just bought one highlighter to finish it off:)

My first load of goodies! This was only a dent into all that I was able to order!

It was exciting to get to open up the box and see what all had arrived. A little bit like a kid on Christmas Morning.

Here's to hoping the rest of my stuff comes in tomorrow! 

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