Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Bad Guy

Sometimes being a teacher means having to be the "bad guy."

It drives me crazy how everyone thinks that we have it soooo easy.

Well...then allow me to enlighten you as to how it really is being a teacher......

-everyone, EVERYONE, thinks they could do your job better

- your job depends on your students performance, and yet you get bashed for 'teaching the test'

- precious children come in hungry and dressed in the same dirty clothes from yesterday, and it's not their fault they are like that

- fingers are pointed at you from all directions: from government officials, politicians, parents, fellow colleagues, school board members, students, and every john doe off the street

- hahah yea... so about that paycheck... OR I should say non existent paycheck

- you teach students who come to school with it already installed in their brains that teachers are a waste of their time

- you are in a classroom, in a district, where you have the most up to date technology, but STILL have to SHARE textbooks because there aren't enough for every child to have their own

- parents have NO fear scolding, threatening, or cussing you out through email, phone, or face to face over your decision to give their child a zero on work that is 2 weeks late

- you have no guaranteed job tenure, even for the next school year, until test scores come back. 
Again and yet you still get bashed for 'teaching the test'

- you have to be the sole disciplinarian to students who come to school after getting ABSOLUTELY none at home

- most people are just waiting for you to do something wrong so they can sue you

- 8 hour work day.... you wish.....

- in a constant state of being stressed out because you simply CAN'T accomplishe everything you are supposed to get done in one day

- VAM scores are seriously the devil
(go ahead if you don't know what a teacher vam score is go google it)
as the saying goes: your vamed if you do and vamed if you don't

- in the next couple of years you can look forward to what little salary you do make depending on how your students do on those tests
and yet you will still get bashed for 
'teaching the test'

- Common Core Standards.... yeah so let's change reform education again.... and next year, we're just going to reform it again... and the next year, well you get the idea

- people point to you and say, your the reason why society is so messed up today

- you put in HARD hours filling the needs of each and EVERY student, bbbuuuttt you get no appreciation for it

So there's my little rant for the day. Trust me, your child's teacher is going through a lot more than you could ever possibly know. And the fact that She/He still puts a smile on and LOVES their job, is what makes us great.

Just so all know....
on top of all that I still love my job.

Those few kids who ARE appreciative, give hugs, smiles, and goofy drawings of you with a big head that you can hang on the wall near your desk
are what makes it all worth it:)

And to add... thank the sweet Lord for summers, cause out of anyone, he knows we deserve it! 

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