Saturday, October 13, 2012

Aspects of a Beautiful Saturday Morning

Not every Saturday morning can be as wonderful as it is around here today.

I was greeted with my internal alarm clock waking me up around 5:30 this morning.

Of course the only morning I get to sleep in and I still wake up around the same time I would on any regular work day.

I stayed in bed until 6:30 and was forced out of bed in fear of waking the grizzly bear breathing beside me.

I got up and piddled about, made myself some coffee, and a toaster strudel.
(I am going to have to write about Chris and his toaster strudel craze he is going through right now sometime later)

Then I went around and opened up all the blinds and turned on the tube to watch whatever was on TLC this morning.

The sun is beautiful here today and I can already tell that the weather is going to be perfect.
Its beams came in and streamed in all of my Saturday morning bliss.

I have been blessed with all of Chris's shoes conveniently placed next to our sofa.

No I did not move his shoes so they looked like this,
he actually just leaves them here all week so they are ready to go whenever he is coming/going to class.

Every Saturday morning I take all his shoes from this spot and move them to his closet,
but these 3 pairs always make their way back here.

Of course he is not the only one guilty of leaving shoes in the living room.
Here are my tennis shoes. I admit that I normally don't leave them just laying on the floor and usually kick mine off in my closet when I come in from a walk/run.
(by the way I do a WHOLE lot more walking than running. Trying to work on my stamina)

I then just mosied on over to the our 'catch all' table.
As you can see, it is usually catches all of Chris's stuff.
Everything that has been in his pockets all week gets thrown here.

I have a purse for this stuff, he has this table.

and I really, REALLY shouldn't say anything bad about Chris and his junk on our little table by the door,
'cause look at my dining room table.
I've got my laptop set up, a bucket full of papers that need to be graded, work insurance paperwork that I've been trying to sort out, and a grocery store list that I've been working on.

My table has looked like this since last weekend too. 

I know it's ridiculous  but every night this week I've had something to do from school that I have brought home to work on.

Oh and who can forget my piles of laundry that I am blessed to need to wash today.
At least Chris took the time to sort his stuff into piles.

Yes these are my blessings of a beautiful Saturday morning. 

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