Friday, October 12, 2012


Chris came in tonight,
dropped the car keys on the table,

pointed right at me,
and said with the most serious face I have ever seen him have,

"Don't you EVER go get gas across the street."

after getting over my shock and picking up my jaw from lying on the floor,

I replied with a squeaky

"umm... ok."

See here's the deal. I have already had 2 incidents with weirdos trying to mess with me at the SAME gas station right across from campus.

Since those 2 incidents, I don't get gas anymore.

Nope, I make it home and ask Chris to go get gas for me, OR if I'm out in a safer part of the city I will get gas there.

I know not to go around where we live.

Chris was sitting at the gate of campus waiting to cross the street to go to a gas station.

While waiting for a break in traffic he watched a car get jacked!

The guy getting gas wasn't very smart because he left his car unlocked with the keys in it.
When he went to the window to pay, some sketch dude jumped inside his car and drove off.

Chris says at first he didn't believe that had just happened,
but after he watched the poor man sprinting after his car he just felt terrible.

Thank goodness Chris hadn't left to go get gas 5 minutes earlier because it might have very well been our whittle car that got stolen.

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