Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween in NOLA is a big deal.

People GO ALL OUT.

This town is believed to be one of the most haunted cities on Earth.
There are actual people here who believe they are real vampires
and people who have ghosts who talk to them in their homes.
(pretty much just a lot of weird, crazy people)

But I just don't get it when people say
that Halloween is their favorite holiday.


A night where you get to dress up in a costume and eat candy is your FAVORITE holiday of the year?

Chris says he thinks its because it is the first 'big' holiday after a long break with no holidays.
Maybe it is just because Fall has such beautiful weather.

I think some people love it so much because it can easily be a 'zero family involvement' holiday.
Christmas and Thanksgiving are completely family orientated. 
You get together, cook and eat a big meal, give presents, talk about what all you are thankful for,
and yadda yadda.

Halloween for many adults is just is a fun holiday with no mess. You can celebrate with just friends and not have to do the whole family shindig. It CAN be made into a 'just me and my friends' excuse to party.

This may especially be easy to love for people who are not close to their families or have lost loved ones.

Now all that is just a meganism. Completely just my thoughts.

I love to dress up and be silly, but Christmas totally takes the cake in my opinion for being the greatest holiday.

Tonight Chris and I went for a run, ate chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese for dinner, and watched a couple episodes of the tv show, 24, off of netflix.
Overall a pretty good Halloween considering it's just the two of us here.

P.S. Chris and game up with the MOST LEGENDARY costume idea for the 2 of us to dress up as when we move back to GA. Let's just say....... it will be one for the memory books.
Oh.. OHHH how it will blow all of your minds.
Guess we are just gonna have to wait 2 more years until we can show off our awesome costume idea to everyone back home:)

It will be well worth the wait

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