Thursday, November 1, 2012


I have been working on this blog post for several months now. 
I keep starting it and then stopping to just start all over.

Gary is Chris's Dad and one of the most loving guys I know.

He loves his family like nobodies business
when times are good and when times are bad.

And let me just tell ya,
he sure loves his boys.

Gary has been there for Christopher and I
more times than I can count.

He is always willing to lend helpful advice,
and he truly knows a lot about all kinds of different stuff.

He has helped us out tons,
and during this first year at seminary, we would have really struggled without him.

I have told my family and several friends,
that Gary is one of my favorite people in his family.

When I am in a mood where I don't feel like talking,
 I know all I have to do is go stand by Gary 
cause he will talk enough so I won't have to say much.
He sure has some good stories to tell, 
and I think my most favorite ones are about when he was a teenager.

I'd say he raised a little cane back in the day:)

I like listening to stories about him having to 'babysit' Chris's mom,
and how she would go to bed and he would stay up all night with MyMy and Paula.

I also love the stories about Chris and Alex growing up
and how he gets a big look of pride when he is talking about them.

I'll say it again,
he sure does love 'em boys.

Gary thanks for allowing me into your family as one of your 'girls'.

I am truly blessed to have one big hearted and generous father in law!

You are loved more than I believe you know,
and Chris and I pray for you and Christi every day.

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