Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Have you ever had a moment when God tells you to just stop?

To just
and pause.

Well with all the new and exciting things going on around us here in NOLA lately,
that's exactly the moment I had on Sunday.

God told me to just stop everything.

Stop worrying,
stop looking around,
stop fretting about the future,
stop worrying about finances,
stop thinking,
stop blaming,
stop wishing for something else,
stop wanting what others have,

just stop
and be still.

In the movement
when I set everything aside,
it all made sense.

Everything in our current situation all has a purpose.
In the time I personally needed it most, God gave us a reason for being here.

Moving and living here is not all roses and sunshine.

Sometimes it downright stinks.
Chris and I have been here for almost a year and a half.
And we were sick of it.
Our conversations mostly revolved around what we want to do when he get 'home' to GA.

What we want to do with family,
the kind of little house we want,
where we would like to work,
and having sweet precious babies.
We want and miss it all.

It can get lonely here too.
Yea, we got friends.
We have lots here.
People who we enjoy spending time with,
but it still gets lonely.

We miss the familiar,
we miss just being able to go to the grocery store without having fear,
we miss just being able to ride around with the windows down looking for somewhere fun to go.

On Sunday when I stopped,
he was able to start.

Many times my own wishes and thinking gets in the way of his grand plan for things.

And like I said, in the moment when I had downright had enough of living here, and stopped to listen to him, he took over.

The past couple of weeks Chris and I have been trekking it down the highway to the sweetest and cutest little Louisiana town for him to preach.

I can't wait to write and show all of you pictures and tell about how adorable this little church is.

The first time we pulled in the parking lot,
I told Chris that I loved it already. 

On Sunday, Chris was asked to stay and be their interim pastor. In a second everything we have both been going through just clicked.

We now have some excitement back in our lives, and we both immediately snapped out of our moody feelings about living in NOLA.

This news gave us what we've been needing
and we are thankful that we serve an almighty God.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

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