Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just What I Needed

Yesterday, I enjoyed the day off work. I got to sleep in, finish grading some of my precious students writings, do some mild cleaning, and even make a dollar store run to get items to fill two Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.

It was a glorious day. It sounds pretty simple, but it was just want I needed. Chris was in class all day and I was able to spend some time all by myself.

We live in an adorable small apartment, but there is seldom a time when I am alone. Guess I'm just a little introverted since I liked getting to snuggle in my pj pants and bop around without someone else there. I really enjoyed getting to just be home and do what I wanted to do, with no real agenda.

Having a Tuesday off was a bit unusual, and it messed with our routine at school. It made it feel like we had two 'mondays' this week. But I'm hoping that it also will make Thursday and Friday fly by!

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