Saturday, November 10, 2012

You Are I Am

After amazing words were spoken to Chris and I last Sunday night, I was still having some trouble processing in my head all that was said. Rolling things around, and trying to put a logical order to things. Yea right.... like the will of God always has a logical order!

Monday morning on my way to work this song came on. It's by the group Mercy Me and it is named "You are I Am." I have a good 25- 30 minute drive to and from work, and usually this time is spent in prayer and me thinking my days plans out. Monday morning  of course, I was replaying the night before.

When this song came on it was like a slap on the forehead. Ever seen those V8 tomato juice commercials where they slap each other on the foreheads? Anyway, that's what this was like. It's a great song and I hope you pay special attention to the words.

I've been the one to try and say
I'll overcome by my own strength
I've been the one to fall apart
And to start to question who You are

You're the one who conquers giants
You're the one who calls out kings
You shut the mouths of lions
You tell the dead to breathe
You're the one who walks through fire
You take the orphan's hand
You are the one Messiah
You are I am
You are I am

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