Monday, December 17, 2012

My Babies

I am very much a sensitive person. When the feed the hungry commercials come on I usually start to get weepy and during any chick flick I will usually try and hide a tear. Of course when I heard of the news of the elementary school shooting I would be saddened by it.

Friday was a pretty terrible day. That morning I was dealing with some disruptive behavior issues with a student in my class. Trying to understand that child, why they would behave in such a way, and then determine the best way to deal with the situation. 

I walked into the teachers lounge to eat my lunch, like I do on any normal day, when our school secretary came in and turned on the t.v. telling us we all needed to watch this. 

Shock, horror, hatred, and sadness all consumed everyone one of us watching. I immediately started to tear up and tried my best to choke it back. I couldn't stand staying there and watching that mess so I left the lounge early to go back to my classroom to have a few minutes to calm down before my own sweet babies came back from recess.

I still had 20 minutes before they would be coming back and I was trying to take my mind off the sadness and get busy preparing for a substitute. While I was working, still wiping the tears away from my eyes, of course that student who had given me problems that morning walked in my room because she had left her snack money in her bookbag.

She walked in, asked if she could get her money, got it out of her bookbag, and before leaving walked over to me, and asked, "You alright Mrs. Bagley?" in her south Louisiana brawl. I just shrugged, gave her a quick yea and, thinking fast on my feet, explained I had just been choking on a peppermint. She gave me a hug and told me she was glad I was alright, and then she went out of the room to go to recess with the other students. 

Of course that made me start squallin' again. As a parent, I can only imagine the emotions that would consume you after learning of the shooting since I don't have any children of my own. As a teacher, it is a whole world of emotions. As an elementary school teacher, your students are your babies. Infact, my students know that they are my babies, and many times I will tell them that their good actions make me a 'happy mama' for them. 

I was able to suck it up before they came back in, went about our usually activities for the day, and then packed up to go home. Before they left my classroom I took a couple of minutes to wish them all a good and safe weekend. I told them how happy I am to get to be their teacher and how glad I am that they are in my class. I even went around the classroom and told each student a quality that I enjoy and appreciate about them. Before I let them leave I gave each of them a big hug and again told them to have a good weekend.

In public schools today teachers are not allowed to mention God or religion. We are not allowed to pray with our students. We are not allowed to mention in any way, any kind of religion. Every night I pray for all of my sweet 'babies' and many times I have prayed that I can be an example of Christ's love for them. 

I planed for a sub for me today. So far this school year I have not missed a single day. Since Chris is done with his school for this semester,  I took a personal day today so we could go out together in the city and pick up our last Christmas gifts. Chris and I are going to have a fun day, but I am yearning for tomorrow so I will get to be back standing up in class, showing respect and love toward my students, and teaching them so they can become prosperous adults.

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