Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shopping Day

Yesterday I took a personal day off work since I hadn't missed a single day yet. Quite frankly, I needed it. I was able to get a day where I was able to do what I wanted to do. Most weekends are so rushed because my Saturdays consist of getting all my errands done and Sundays are spent all day in Amite:)

Yesterday we woke up, had a nice little visit from the internet guy and thank goodness our internet is working with no kinks! (knock on wood) Then we headed out.

We stopped at sears, target, walmart, dollar tree, a NOLA christmas shop, and Zea to eat.

By the way, our Christmas shopping is complete! We just had to get a few simple little gifts for close family. Since Chris and I are on a budget we don't buy gifts for everyone. Quite frankly Christmas can get incredibly expensive, so we tell cousins and aunts/uncles to just not buy us anything, cause we can't buy them anything. After all Christmas is sooo not about exchanging gifts, it's about spending time with each other.

Since moving to NOLA I believe Chris and I have realized just how special it is to spend time with family. Family is one of those things were you don't realize how good ya' have it until their gone or away. Being so far way from people who you can always trust and count on can be very eye opening. I have learned to shift away from the presents and food and focus more on just the time laughing and catching up. 

So I was given a $50 gift card to a restaurant named Zea in New Orleans LAST christmas by one of my sweet first graders. Yea, so we've been holding on this gift card for a whole year. I guess we just kind of forgot about it, and then kept saving it until we had something special to celebrate.

We got an appatizer of crab cakes and sucked those down without saying a word in between bites. Then I ordered the lunch serving of ribs, sweet corn grits, and buttered sweet potatoes. Very unhealthy of me, but this was a very random thing for Chris and I to do. I was only able to eat about 3 ribs and a couple bites of the sides. I loaded up the left overs in a box and we are going to eat on it for dinner.

Chris got a ribeye, salad, and fries. His steak melted in your mouth. He wasn't able to eat all his either so we stuck it in our box too. 

I really enjoyed getting to spend the day with him. We had fun taking our time walking through the stores and laughing at all the crazies walking about. Even though it was during working hours on a Monday, it was ridiculous the amount of traffic and people out shopping. We have come to the conclusion that no one works in this city. Now I'm ready to wrap up those presents and head to GA for the holidays! 

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