Saturday, December 29, 2012


Well, tonight I am sitting on our sofa in our NOLA apartment. We got back around 3:00 (central U.S. time). I can smell the sweet scent of apple cinnamon from a wax scent warmer in our kitchen and hear the sound of Chris typing away on his computer making the last adjustments on his sermon for tomorrow mornin. 

We just spent the last 6 days with our sweet family in GA, and the days really did fly by. With Christmas get togethers and visiting with family, it was time for us to come back before I was quite ready to leave. I guess I am still learning that being a preachers wife means that you will always have to plan trips and vacations so that you can be back for Sunday service. 

Each and every time we go 'home' Chris and I are overwhelming spoiled. We were showered with Christmas presents and definitely racked up this year. My favorite gift is my new Nikon Coolpix L810 camera. It's perfect for me, since I sooo don't have the creativity of being a 'photographer,' but makes it easy for me to still get great, clear shots. I have enjoyed playing around and learning about things such as 'shutter speed' and 'lighting contrast.' I'm sure my cousin Leslie would laugh at my explanation of taking a picture.

I do love getting to come home and bring all our Christmas goodies into the apartment and look at them. I was able to finally take our new Keurig out of the box and make Chris some hot chocolate.  I can tell already we are hooked on this thing! We may suffer from caffeine shakes and overdoses the next couple of weeks:)

And don't ya just love that mason jar glass with the straw and B monogram! Yes, you should be jealous.  My sweet sister in law, Ashley, made me that! 

When we go home family spoils us in so many ways. Of course Christmas we are spoiled with presents and knick-knacks, but we are always spoiled with food and laughter. I feel as though I have to see everyone when we go home. I want to see and get caught up in the 'know' of what's goin with everyone. Who's been up to no good, who's dating who now, who's get a new job promotion, who's got engaged, and etc. 

I have gotten several text messages in the last hour or so saying that they are getting a snow mix up in the foothills of those mountains right now. Makes me miss being all snuggled up under a blanket at my parents house. Instead in NOLA we pulled in with our car saying it was 50 degrees, and with the sun shinning it made me want to take my sweatshirt off. 

Thank you so much family and friends for spoiling us with all your support and love!  

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