Saturday, December 1, 2012


Both Chris and I are coming off of a very hard week. It is always hard to go back to work after having a break, and we knew that we were spoiled during the week of turkey day, but man this week was a doozie.

My week at my school teaching has been emotionally draining. Not going into specifics, but it's been a hard disciplinary week, and having all the drama from my 16 girls and only 4 boys has been very tolling. I haven't had to have many issues so far in the school year and now all of a sudden this week decided to make up for it. 

Chris's week has been killer. He had a major presentation on a 20 page paper due on Wednesday, a group research project due, various tests to study for, oh yea... and a sermon to prepare for tomorrow. Nearly every night he stayed up in the library on campus until it closed, which is at 11:00. Even on Wednesday night he had to dive back home from church in Amite and head straight to the library to finish work. 

It was just one of those weeks that was both tiring and stressful.  Now that it is over I thank God for his mercy on me to help me survive through it. As I sit and type this at my little dinning table, I can hear some police sirens going down the road and I am reminded that this week could have been a lot worse. 

Praying tonight for those who have lost loved ones and those that too had it hard last week. Praying for us all to continue on this next week with God in our hearts and minds. And that maybe, next week can be just a little bit easier. 

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