Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fancy Feathers

Last week I was non-existent as a blogger because we spent the entire turkey break week home in GA and we were busy! It was a great kind of busy, getting to spend time with a lot of family. 

Unfortunately the beginning of our trip was a little sad because Chris's great-aunt passed away during our first night back home. No one wants family members to die, but I admit that I selfishly was glad that it did happen while we were home. We were able to get to see family that came out for the funeral that we wouldn't have actually already gotten to see. Also, just the fact of us getting to be there made it seem better. About a year ago one of Chris's second cousins had passed, and since we are in NOLA, we weren't able to make it. For us, we were glad that we were just able to be there to support our family and loved ones that were hurting.

One day this past week my mamma and I were loading up in my daddys truck to do some runnin' around errands and this is what we found.

Yes that there is a real bird that was stuck under his headlight! What are the chances that he would have hit this thing and then it got stuck?! It totally weirded my mother and I, we joked that it was "looking" at us, and even though it was dead, is still looked like it was alive and would just fly out.  

That was not the only bird we came to encounter last week, we also spent some time with Christi's new chickens! Let me just tell ya' these are the cutest chickens you have ever seen!

(Side note: have you ever seen the movie Despicable Me and one of the little girls gets a giant stuffed unicorn and she runs around screaming, "It's sooooo fluffy!!"? Well for those of you that know what I am talking about, I ran around with one of the chickens for about 5 minutes screaming that.)

Here's Blake holding Mrs. Snowball. Her little afro on her head is blocking her eyes. I repeat, you CAN'T even see her eyes for those feathers. So stinkin cute:)
Christi has her chickens living in style. Their coop is filled with precious signs hanging on painted walls, an adorable old wagon filled with straw, and even a glass decorative chicken figurine.
I was very excited to have finally gotten to see the cute birdies!
Now the last birds I am going to talk about is going to the be the many that we ate this week! Chris and I went down to middle GA to spend Thanksgiving day with all of my moms side of the family. It was great getting to catch up with those that we don't get to see but a few precious times a year. Then on Friday night we went to the Carders to celebrate with them. Of course we loved spending time with Meg, Brandon, Blake, Ashley, and Alex!
Now that we are home Chris is a little puny. Today we didn't even get to make the trek to Amite for church. I've gotta go give him his next dose of meds. Hoping I can get his sinus/flu gunk taken care of before this next week gets underway!

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