Saturday, November 17, 2012

Airport Cool

Last night Chris and I caught a later plane and landed in ATL at 9:00. We made it to the NOLA airport about 30 minutes before we had to board and it gave me time to sit and people watch. 

I love to people watch. Looking at what others wear and how they conduct themselves. The airport is a great place to just watch.

And let me tell ya, the NOLA airport doesn't disappoint!  I was able to see several 'ladies of the evening' walking around, men in business suits, an actual indian monk all dressed in his orange robe thing, and then the usual hippy and sloppy bohemian artsy type people new orleans is so famous for. 

We have flown several times now and are a little used to the bussle. We know what it do and where to go. Flying really isn't all that bad, it's just making sure you know where your gate is and that you're not late. 

I have noticed that there is this sense of coolness in how people act at the airport. It's like it's hip to be seen there.

Some people are just like, "Ya, look at me. I'm at the airport. I'm going to act like I'm going to some real exotic place when really I am just catching a plane to see my third cousins, twice removed in Milwaukee."

Complete strangers will also act like best friends. There is this strange and unexplainable bond you make with the person sitting next to you on a plane. Some people will talk about their families and work the whole flight. Once when I was flying alone to GA I sat next to an older man and he told a couple of jokes and opened my little bag of peanuts that I had a hard time doing myself. 

Chris and I are usually quiet on the plane. I don't really like to make small talk. I am just in thought about what the next step is in making sure I get off and on the plane in the correct way. Usually all I do is pass a smile and maybe a little comment about how the plane is full.

Then as soon as the plane lands it goes back to every man for themselves  People are impatient waiting their turn to get off the flight. These 'once friends' strangers are now cutting each other and shoving to get their own bag.

Flying definitely takes the cake as the best way to travel in my opinion. It is remarkable to me that in less than a 55 minute flight I can be in Louisiana. I recommend everyone to fly at least once. Its not all that scary and has a lot of similarities as to just riding in a car. 

I know several people that are afraid to fly and I just say that you shouldn't knack it until you try it.

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