Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hola at ya

Yesterday, one of my sweetest, most precious, dalin' babies gave me an elaborately drawn and creative card. She is the artistic one in my class and has already given me numerous drawings of either me in the classroom, our school building, or herself.

On the front of this card was a picture of a Mardi Gras joker wearing a hat with much detail and thought put into it. In case you live in a black box and never come out for sunshine, then you know that right now nola is tearing it up, getting ready for the Super Bowl Sunday and then Mardi Gras in 2 weeks. 

When I opened the card I immediately starting laughing in hysteria.  I can sit here and read her words over and over again, and just hear her south Louisiana twang. At my school, we're away from the city and out in the, what I call, 'country' part of nola. I drive by cow pastures, side of the road fruit stands, and deal with having to pass tractors on the road every now and then. (reminds me of just a taste of a teeny weeny bit of home)

The kiddoes speak with 'da parish brawl' and really, more often than not, say 'dat' instead of 'that.' I have tried to adapt to their way of talking, but have been reprimanded on numerous occasions as having to repeat myself because faulty, staff, or students don't understand what I'm saying. 

Really, let me just make it clear to my fellow peers, "All y'all are the ones that talk funny, it ain't me!"

I speak with the grace of southern hospitality and have even been compared to Scarlett O'Hara by the music teacher at my school. Psshaa... I'm kiddin' myself. I can't even pronouce for the life of me the words rural or toward.

Anyways, have a good laugh, and just try to imagine that sweet voice readin' this card out loud:)

(on a complete side note. After laughing I may have gone into epileptic shock after reading. As a teacher, this is cringe worthy. Apparently I need to go over the correct format for writing a letter, quotation marks, and the use of slang in our writings)

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