Saturday, January 12, 2013


Yet again... thank you Netflix.... thank yoooouuuu. If you remember a couple of months ago Chris and I were hooked on the old tv series 24. Man we were suckers and several weekend nights stayed up real late just to try and finish all the action packed episodes.

Well, thanks to overhearing some seminary friends talk about Lost and how they thought it was sooooo good, Chris and I got curious. Okay so they're stranded on an island. We just assumed this show was all about how they survive, but man-o-man how wrong we were. We just finished season 1 of the show and WE ARE HOOKED, line, and sinker!

This show really is awesome  It has great action with just a little bit of 'love drama' that makes it great! How the strangers all get along and all the weird, creepy happenings in the jungle make it stay super interesting! Also while watching it Chris and I keep talking about what we would do if we were stuck on an island and how we would do things differently than the show. 

Seriously, who hasn't ever thought about what you would do if you were stranded on an island, and what would you bring with you? Can't wait to see who gets 'eaten' or dies next and to see how they really get off of the island! 

*Please those of you who have seen the finale  you better not ruin it for me! 

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