Sunday, January 13, 2013

Birthday girl

Welp, today I am 24 and have decided that this is the last birthday I want to ever have. Let's just all agree that for the next couple of years, every birthday I turn will be 24:)

I have really enjoyed getting all the cards in the mail the last couple of days. Thanks also to all of you for your calls/text messages/ facebook wall posts:) It really means a lot to me for all the thought. Although, I did get a little ticked at Chris for opening up some of my cards before I had a chance to. He said he was just curious and couldn't wait. Both of us laugh about it now and we agreed that when his birthday rolls around, I get to open up all his cards first in payment:)

Last year Chris took me across the Causeway, a 23 mile long bridge (23 miles to represent 23 years of being alive) it was super corny but very thoughtful of him at the same time:)

This year we rang in my birthday with an early morning drive to Amite and a promise that tomorrow we are going to have a Randazzo King Cake to celebrate! King Cake is to die for and I promise to take pictures for all you at home. If only my blog had 'taste-o-vision' so you could enjoy it as well! Just try to imagine the most sinful tasting, giant cinnamon roll you've ever dreamed of, and you might get close to what it really tastes like.

Lastly I'd like to make a shout out to my daddy and mamma today, who without them I obviously wouldn't have gotten to grace this word with my wonderful appearance! Hope you also had a a great day as well and just remember  even though your 'baby' is 24 today, she still likes to be called 'megg-el-de' and 'tink', Sunday afternoon car rides with making stops to get an orange soda, and eating cereal right out of the box on Saturday mornings:)

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