Monday, January 21, 2013

More Amite

This past Sunday we had beautiful weather in southern Louisiana. It has been raining here for seriously two weeks straight, and the suns glorious rays were such a much needed sight to see! 

We have Sunday morning service and Sunday evening devotion so Chris and I sometimes just kinda hang out on Sundays back here. We both have a sofa and I usually bring a pillow and blanket. We also spend a lot of our time out exploring the sweet little town and surrounding areas and visiting with other church folk. There is little/to no cell service, so family when yall call on Sundays we aren't just trying to avoid ya!

Chris sits in that chair and makes it rock, which in turn makes the most obnoxious squeaky sound. I think he gets a kick out of knowing that the constant squeak is like nails on a chalk board to me:)

I sure do love my preacher man:)

In custom 'NOLA style' we do have several above ground tombs. Now these look like they are old, but one of the them was even back in 2004. These are right next to the church and we call them the church graveyard. 

Yea, I made Chris go stand next to the sign so I could take his picture. He protested, but since he loves me, he put up with me, and let me take a picture of him. I have this idea that I want to make an album of nothing but pictures of us standing next to church signs and pictures of all the churches we wind up at throughout our lives. It will be neat to look back and remember. 

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