Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sofa Bed

Last Thursday night my sweet daddy was in town for work. He flew in Thursday morning, drove in a rental car to a job site in Mandeville, then came to our humble abode around 4:30. I was so excited that he was going in to get to spend some time with us even though it was for only one night.

We went out to a pretty fancy NOLA restaurant called Drago's and ate some pretty awesome Shrimp in Grits. It was definitely spiced up in traditional cajun style! 

Of course we are going to act like a bunch of goofies, but someone's got to keep things real:)

Upon his persisting he slept on our sofa bed. No one has used it yet and he said that it actually slept pretty good. I was surprised because sentences do not usually contain the phrases 'sofa bed' and 'slept good' together.

Even though Daddy only got to stay for one night and was off back to GA the next morning it was nice getting to see him and get caught up. It always makes me sad when people leave after visiting us and on my way to work, after giving a big goodbye hug, I drove off thinking, "umm... when will be the next time we will see him?" Urg... sometimes living 3 states away really stinks, but I am always reminded that we are hear for God's work, and in the end, it will all be worth it! 

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