Sunday, February 24, 2013


Right now this song has so much emotion for me. I see these beautiful children in my classroom who are struggling. Struggling with family situations that no 9/10 year old should ever have to face.

Just riding down Gentilly I see kids walking along the side of the road all by themselves. Here in this part of the da hood, all by themselves! I think about how they aren't blessed with the love and support that they need.

When I listen to this song, the very beginning just wraps me in, and then the chorus just has me shouting along to it as I'm cruising down interstate 10! 

Boys become Kings
Girls will Queens
wrapped in your majesty!
when we love, when we love the least of these!

Then they will be
shout your name in VICTORY,
when we love the least of these! 

The song is by Audio Adrenaline, "Kings and Queens"

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