Saturday, March 2, 2013

Date Night

Yesterday on my way home from school I starting looking back and remembering how every friday night would be date night for Chris and I. We would either hang out with friends, go see a movie, pick up dinner somewhere, or take drives down back country roads just talkin' about life (even sometimes finding ourselves three counties away!).

We don't really do that anymore. We still hang out with friends and stuff but it seams like once you get married a 'date' night consists of sitting in front of the tube watching something off of netflix and laying on the sofa.

Before I made it home I decided I was going to take HIM out on a date:) I wrote him a little note and then, very obviously, slid it to him on his desk. He immediatly came running back to me with the box checked next to Yes. 

I told him I'd 'pick 'em up' around 5:30 and he agreed that he'd be on time. 

Even though I was in charge of this date, I allowed him to dive and open the doors for me. We went and ate at bonefish grill because I had a gift card. I got the bang bang shrimp appetizer as my meal and Chris got a steak and crabcake combo meal. It was sooo delicious and we got out of there without paying a cent because our gift card covered it all. 

After we ate, we drove around and went in various stores. It was fun being goofy and acting a' fool with each other.

We had fun on our date night! 

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