Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Papa and Nane

This past weekend the in-laws came to visit! I was super excited to have them come see NOLA:)

Our cast and crew was Papa & Nane Bagley and Gary & Christi.
(chris's grandparents and parents)

They drove down Thursday and then left after church on Sunday. We did some exploring, a whole bunch of eatin, and had a truckfull of laughing.

My favorite time we spent together all weekend was just us all sitting around talkin. I got to ask Papa and Nane questions about when they were young, how Papa was a rascal when he was younger (psh.. he still is one!), how life was like when they first got married, and how Gary was when he was a kid. 

I love hearing the stories about the past. I even learned about some genealogy of the Bagley clan with Great Papa Bagley and even learned about Great Great Papa Bagley. Definitely stories that I hope I can pass down to my children one day!

In this picture Chris was trying to explain what it meant to have a first cousin twice removed. Yes we know, love, and live with our second, third, fourth, and even fifth cousins back where I come from and we ain't afraid to admit it! In fact, since I married into the Bagley's, I have learned that it is not uncommon to find a relative at every Georgia grocery store, farm, or country cookin' restaurant:) 

I know they enjoyed spending time with us, but I'm not exactly sure how much Papa and Nane actually enjoyed the city. NOLA is a quite a drastic shock coming from the foothills of those mountains, so it can be a bit much to take in. The crowds, traffic in the french quarter, and crazy drivers seamed to be a little much, but one thing they did like was the food! 

Papa and Nane say the craziest things and while they were here I started a list on my phone of all the one liners they dropped. Here's just a few, and yes in order to understand them you 'just had to be there!'

  • in the middle of an entertaining discussion between Gary and Nane, Papa shouts "you better watch out for that s and h. That's where they're gonna get ya!" (it took Chris and I, a solid 10 minutes to figure out he was talking about shipping and handling off an info commercial)
  • Papa randomly made this statement: "Everyone says that campbells soup is good for ya... it's got 46 of 'dem sodiums.... it's kill ya"
  • "Hey little girl, between me and you, but there's a lot of bums around here."
  • "Watch out Jerry... Somebody's gonna get me!"

And the list could just go on and on. They kept Chris and I rollin the whole time:) I loved how they decided to come and make the visit to see us! Chris's family is 'just good people' and I love how they took a break out of all their busy shenanigans to come all the way to NOLA to spend time just with us! We are very blessed to have such a wonderful, loving, and supportive system of family that care for us no matter how far away from home we are! 

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