Monday, March 18, 2013

The Big Day

Welp, it is finally here. Tomorrow is the big day for my precious 4th graders. We take the first Phase of LEAP testing tomorrow! It means that tomorrow my students take both the writing and math constructed response portions of the test.

For my Georgia folks, the LEAP test is the equivalent of the CRCT.

4th grade has so much pressure, because it is considered a pass/fail grade. If students pass this test, then they pass 4th grade; If students fail the test, they fail 4th grade. YIKES! My personal beliefs is that it is way too much stress to put on one test. I remember when I was a student I would get major test anxiety and would do terrible on them. Just imagine being 9 and having to take a test that is going to determine your whole little educational career! 

Last week, and today especially, I taught until I was blue in face. Review, Review, Review! I wanted my little rockstars to be the BEST prepared as I could make them.

As they walked out the door, I breathed a large sigh, and one of my students gave me a big hug and said, "Mrs. Bagley, you certainly taught a lot today." Also before I left, I walked around my classroom and paused over each student's desk and said a quite prayer for them. I prayed that they come to school confident in their abilities, well rested, and ready to do their best!

I know that the kiddoes are stressed, but for me I am major stressed. As an educator, your job rides on these scores. And for some, your salary rides on these scores too! 

I'm ready to get tomorrow over with, ready for my little rockstars to have one more thing checked off their list! 

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