Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Just Might Get Whatcha Asked For

You know, sometimes you need to really, REALLY, think about what you ask for before you ask it!

I was talking to my Mama today on the phone because I was so excited and had to tell her all about meeting all my new sweet teacher friends and the school after my first day of Teacher Orientation.

We were talking about different, random things. About the coming 4th weekend, how her work was going, how Chris was liking school, and other miscellanies.

When all of a sudden.....

out of the blue.......

she asked a dreaded question......

"Megan, when are you gonna write about ME in your blog? You write about daddy all the time and you have only mentioned me once!"

My response was, well, if ye ask, than ye shall receive!!

Hummmm.... things I love about my Mama.

1. She WILL always be mama to me. She sometimes even gets the occasional Mommy, but my brother, Matt, always just calls her mom.
I am still a little kid and it is ok for me to still call her Mama and I don't want to hear one peep outa any of yall!

2. Her laughter. My Mama has the best laugh. She has a laughter that is really loud and rolling. She will laugh at the tiniest things and act like they are the funniest things in the world.

The best part, is when my Daddy or Matt make fun of her laughter. I swear those boys can both do the best imitation of her when she laughs. Plus it always makes Mama so mad when they are laughing at her! Which for me, makes it even funnier!

3. Her cooking. Now Say What?? My Mama is notoriously known in all throughout the north Georgia area for her remarkably bad cooking! In fact one of her best friends, Wanda Fay, swears that she is the one who fed me growing up! I love her for her cooking because she sure can throw some stuff up in the pot and make it kinda good! She will open the pantry find a can of green beans, some old spaghetti noodles, and a thing of Manwich and make a meal out of it! You can't blame the woman! She would come home after working all day and slave over the stove to put a fine meal on the table for her kiddos:)

4. Mama always makes everything right. I love my Mama's perspective on things. Whenever I have something funny to say or or a silly story to tell I always tell my Mama because she can add to it and make it even better!
On the other hand, whenever something is wrong she can always make it right! I can call my Mama up anytime of the day and vent, cry, maybe sometimes say some chosen words, and she will always love me and tell me that it is going to be fine. She can always find a solution, and I hate to admit it, but most of the time Mama is right:)

5. Tommy Stories. My Mama can tell the best Tommy Stories. I remember laying in bed, being really little, and she would come in and tell me a Tommy story. Tommy is a little country boy who goes on all kinds of adventures and gets himself in all kinds of trouble. Mama of course just makes them up, but they are really good! She would have my brother and I captivated for a hour or so just listening to her give the good juicy details about Tommy.

(Mama you need to start typing up some of the Tommy Stories! It would be so special to give, ONE DAY, to your grand baby a little notebook with them in it:)

6. There are many reasons as to why I love my sweet mama. But probably most of all, I love her because, she loves the Lord! My mama LOVES to sing. She will sing her little heart out with praise to our king! Her and daddy always got us to Sunday School, Church, and Wednesday night youth activities. She also doesn't have a problem raising her hand up in church or telling others how sweet he is!!

Well, Mama I hope you are satisfied. Now I feel like I went easy on ya in this post. I could have written some awfully embarrassing stuff, but I figured what goes around, comes around, and you could say some equally embarrassing stuff about me right back!!

Love You!!


  1. I just wanted to drop in and say welcome to the blog world-you will love it! You'll be so thankful you recorded all of these special times. I started our blog when we got married 5 years ago and I'm so thankful because there are so many things that I've already forgotten, bu thanks to the blog I always have those memories. Enjoy this time living away from everything you know-it will be the greatest experience for you personal growth and independence. We absolutely love NOLA-very similar to Savannah, where we live. If we get back down there while y'all live there I'll have to let you know! This is such a sweet post-you have one of the world's greatest Mama's! I just love her to pieces. You and Matt are so lucky to have her and your dad-they don't come any better :) I'll be praying for y'all as you start part of your journey in a new place with school and work! Have a blessed night! xoxo

  2. Oh baby girl - I don't live up the beautiful words you shared about me in your blog. I am so blessed that you love me so much. I prayed for you before you were ever born. I wanted a wonderful daughter that I could love and cherish as a child and be best friends with as an adult. God gave me that wish! Can't wait to see you this weekend. Hug that Bagley boy for me. I love him alot too!

  3. Well you hit the nail on the head exactly!!! So many wonderful Lynn stories, but most of them are for our family only *wink wink*