Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Country Roads Take Me Home

Country Roads Take Me Home
To The Place I Belong
North Georgia, Mountain Mama
Take Me Home
Country Roads

This place is what I call, Paradise!

A couple of weeks ago Chris got a phone call from his third cousin, sweet Mikaela, asking him to Baptize her in the Toccoa River during the 4th of July Weekend. Well, he sure ain't gonna tell that sweet face no!

So we bought our tickets and made plans.

On Friday we landed in Atlanta, or as I like to call it,
HOT-lanta!! Yea-boy!! haha (just kidding)

My mom picked us up at the airport. She completely skipped over Chris and gave me a big hug! I am still her baby!
 Oh yeah... and she loves Chris too:)

We spent Friday night with my folks and then Saturday mornin' woke up early and made the treak up highway 60 to good ol' Suches, Georgia!

We had a blast. Chris got to act like the big kid he is.
We rode golf carts, fished, kayaked, joked, and
oh yeah... of course... ate good!!

It was nice taking a break and getting to see all of our great family!

We were showered with bear hugs, kisses, jokes, smiles, and laughter! It was so great getting to see all the kiddos! I sure did miss me some Brandon, Blake, and Megan!

We had a country band playin the mandolin, guitar, and banjo. It took some coaxing but the girls finally got up for some cloggin!

Ashley was really good! She had all the other girls beat, but they were all stomping it out pretty good!!

Saturday night we shot off the fireworks. As some of them old country folk would say.
"'dem there fry-er works, were de best I ev'r saw!"

They sure were good.

Chris's uncle Paul smoked two whole pigs for the weenend festivities! Paul is the kinda guy where you might ask, ummm... I wonder what is the
best way to cook ____ (fill in the blank)
and he can tell ya.

He can make it from fried rice, to steaks, to obviously whole piggies!

They were delicious!
(This is NOT a picture of the pig we smoked, but I thought it was funny so I put it on here)

On Sunday morning we had a great family church service. In the building out back from the cabin we all gathered around. Chris spoke a sweet message about Jesus praying that the cup would pass from him! It was such a personal service! I believe everyone was able to feel the spirit present.

Next came sweet Mikaelas moment. Chris, Mikaela, and Mike (Mikaela's daddy) all waded out in the water and found a good spot. We were singing old church hymns and watching.

It was so peaceful, looking down the river. I was imagining Jesus looking down, with a smile on his face. The angels were probably rejoicing at the sight of Mikaela proclaiming her salvation!

It was definitely the sweetest baptism I have ever seen!

Of course, we are baptist, afterward, we ate again!

The best sight for me all weekend was getting to see my sweet boy running around with the kiddos.
 He was free.
Free from responsibility.
Free from studying.
Free from worry.

It was nice to get see him back to his old self. He has been working hard at Seminary and takes seldom breaks. This weekend allowed him to run, play, and well... just goof off!

Shoulda' been a cowboy, shoulda' learned to rope and ride
I'd be wearing my six shooter, riddin' my pony on'a cattle drive!

Sweet Blakie made sure I got a picture of him to put up on my blog! He was sure was riddin good!

(Gosh he is growin up so fast! humm...... When he gets older I wonder if he will still let me call him Blakie.....)

Monday morning we woke up early and said our good bys. We left the sweet cabin and headed back to my parents so they could take us to the airport.

This was Chris on the plane ride back to NOLA. He was back into study mode and was readin one of 'em text bookies!

Umm... yeah.. this was me. I was conked out! Tired from all the weekend fun!
Don't judge me! I was a sleepy peepy:)

I took this pic for my daddy. We got peanuts this flight. Last flight we got delta cookies. I think I like the delta cookies better!

Leaving this time was a little easier. No tears!
Welp... Until we see ya next time!

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