Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yesterday evening we hung out with some Seminary friends, Brian and Tonya.

We had yummy ribs for dinner, talked, and took a nice walk around campus.

When we got back to our apartment I decided to settle down with a free book that I downloaded on my kindal.

Oh how wrong I was!!


I read for about an hour and a half. So caught up.

The story was of a young country girl living at home. She was a wild, red haired, freckled face kid and she enjoyed playing on her families farm.

The descriptions and details were wonderful. The author described the smell of the grass and feel of the suns heat.

The book went on and told about how the little girl was growing up. Summer was over and school was starting. She didn't want to go to school so she ran and hid down by the river......
and on and on.

I didn't finish the book because for some dang reason it made me cry!

I know... pathetic! haha

I have not ONCE gotten homesick here in NOLA until last night!

That book made me miss home and think of my family and friends.

I laid in bed, Chris was snoozin away, and I couldn't go to sleep.

I had a self-proclaimed. Pitty party!

Why me?
Why do we have be the ones who move so far away from home?
Why do we have to be the ones that put their lives on hold?
Why do we have to miss everything?

Little tears were rollin down my cheeks. My shirt sleeve was damp because there is nothing worse then a pillow wet with tears.

I started thinking about my mama and daddy,
my mean stinkin, but oh so sweet doggie, Maggie,
my sweet friend Amanda and her wedding planning,
Chris's family bar-b-ques and swimming at the pool...

I know it was just a down right cry fest!!

Seriously I have not cried once about going or coming to New Orleans! We have had so much fun here and I love it!

But that dang book!!

As I laid in bed I started praying!
I started out praying to God about all my complaints and "Why us's?" I prayed about how I want a baby one day and right now it looks like the time will never be right for one. I prayed about Chris and always workin so hard. I prayed about me and how I wish we could just be normal.

As I continued on my tears stopped and my sniffles ceased.
The Lord sent his comforting hand down and calmed my sadness.

I started thinking about how incredibly lucky we are. How we have such wonderful families that would do anything for us. I have a great job teaching this year and we are capable to allow Chris to keep his focus on school and not have to work.

I imagined how the Lord was probably laughing at me. I imagined laying there with his sweet hand rubbing the tears from my eyes and my hair from my face.

I imagine if I could actually hear his words he would have said something like this,

"My sweet daughter. You should not be worrying or pitying for yourself. For see, I have a plan for you. A plan so great, that I made you just for it! One day you will see. One day you will look back and see that it was all SOO worth it!
You may not have your reward here on this Earth. But I promise that your reward is waiting you, with me, in heaven.
Now just close your eyes, and get some sleep. For weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing shall come in the morning!"

Let me just tell you, this morning I got up and went straight to my kindal and deleted that horrid book!

Today has been a much better day, and I actually feel good knowing that I got all that emotion out.

Does that ever happen to you?
Does it ever just feel good to get it all out?

Okay, Okay enough with being homesick!
Have fun my peeps in Georgia,
I'm gonna go get me some Cajun crawfish in gumbo, sit on the shores of the Mississippi, and laugh with my sweet boy at all the strange people we see on the street!

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  1. Oh sweety, I have had that same pity party and gotten taht same sweet comfort from Jesus. I am soooo proud of you and Chris! I am praying for you everyday! I love you!