Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do You Have a Hammer?

True story.

On way home from school today my gas light came on.

I stopped at the Chevron gas station that is DIRECTLY across from campus.

The gas station was crowded. Pretty much all of the pumps were full.

I was minding my own business, pumping my gas,
and was actually leaning up against my car.

After having lived in New Orleans, I have learned to always be aware of my surroundings while I am out.

I am constantly looking around and eyeing people.

Anyhoo... so I was leaning up against my car,

when all of a sudden,

a skinny, old, stinky, smelly, probably hadn't taken a shower or brushed his teeth in the last week,

pushed on the other side of my car and made it shake!

It scared me to death! I jumped and let out a little

He had rocked my car side ways about twice and then walked around to where I was pumping my gas.

He said, "Did I scared ya?"
My response, 'um... yeah'

Since he was standing way to close to me for comfort I immediately stoped the gas nozzle, going through the process of ending my transaction.
Getting gas was soooooooo not important at the moment.

He went on to tell me,
"Baby you sure'd got some pretty blond hair!'

I did not even look at him, I was moving as fast and as far away from him as possible.

Then he said,
"Don't worry baby, I ain't meant to scare ya."

Right I was getting in my car and locking the door he asked me one more thing,

"Hey now, ya' got a hammer? My car is broke down and I need me a hammer."

I just kept on going and got the heck outta there!!

Yeah right, like I am going to give you a hammer!!
What a creeper!

I mean really? Really?
That works?
Girls really fall for that and go and give you a hammer to help with your 'broken car.'

I can only imagine the things that you really are wanting for that hammer!!

Needless to say,
I WILL NOT be getting gas there anymore!

Ohhhhh the joy of living in the Gentilly neighborhood in NOLA! 

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  1. Okay, so did you have your pepper spray on you at the time? Next time give him a big blast of stingy pepper spray and tell him that is from your MAMA!! And to leave you the heck alone! Pervert!